Stone-Ground Chai (120g)

Stone-Ground Chai (120g)


Our newest Chai tea is a fresh blend of authentic chai spices and stone-ground premium black tea, that entices you with it's slightly sweet aroma and rich, sensual flavours. 

This tea is made from whole tea leaves that are stone-ground into a very fine powder, similar to stone-ground Matcha. The leaves are consumed enabling one's body to absorb 10x the antioxidants and nutrients compared to steeped tea. Not only can you order a cup at any of our cafés, but you can also pick-up a bag of stone-ground Chai  to enjoy anytime. 

This authentic stone-ground black tea is from India, is 100% natural and GMO/Gluten-Free then custom blended just for us. Available now at all Serious Coffee cafés.



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