Organic Stone Milled Organic Matcha (40g)

Organic Stone Milled Organic Matcha (40g)


Our 100% organic, unsweetened Matcha is stone milled in small batches into a fine powder to create a truly authentic Matcha latté. Choose from regular, soy or almond milk and if you prefer a sweetened version, we have organic cane sugar. Just ask your Barista to make it sweet and it will be done. You can use any sweetener so if you prefer one of the sugar substitutes, no problem. You can add your sweetener of choice before leaving the café. Now that's seriously personalized options.

Like all green teas, Matcha is credited with providing numerous health benefits. The beauty of Matcha is that you can receive the benefit of the whole, high-quality green tea leaf, but Matcha is shade grown and rich in theanine and catechin. In addition to these properties, Matcha contains B-carotene, zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, free amino acids, and caffeine. Now that's a drink with serious punch!

Ever wish you could have our Matcha at home or at work? Good news, you can! Purchase your bag of unsweetened Matcha at any of our cafés then enjoy it hot or cold.







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