Market Spice Black Tea

Market Spice Black Tea


MarketSpice Black Tea - Serious CoffeeOur MarketSpice black tea is the original blend made famous by MarketSpice store located in the Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA. People will drive from Vancouver Island to Seattle to get this tea or order it online only to discover that it's available at any Serious Coffee cafe!

People are hooked on MarketSpice due to its tantalizing scents such as sweet citrus, cinnamon and clove. It is amazing how many times someone has smelled this tea and immediately start recalling a specific trip that they went on. This tea can literally make you feel like you are in another country without ever leaving home, now that's one amazing way to relax.

Save yourself the hassle and currency exchange costs by picking up your bag of MarketSpice tea today at any of our Serious Coffee cafes or ask your Barista to brew you a cup to enjoy on the go or in-house.

To learn more about this and our other teas, visit Our Teas.

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