G/F Butter Tart

G/F Butter Tart


NOW AVAILABLE at our Blanshard café only, gluten free tarts made by Bake My Day bakery. This tart has a rich taste that you expect when biting into a delicious butter tart. It's creamy filling is made from brown sugar, raisins, walnuts and butter, all nestled in a flaky gluten-free shell.

Each tart is individually wrapped at Bake My Day's facility to avoid any cross-contamination, thus ensuring that those who are unable to eat gluten can confidently enjoy these delicious desserts.  Whether you eat gluten or not, these tarts are so good you won't believe that they are gluten free!

Bake My Day is an Island bakery located in Duncan that specializes in nothing but gluten-free baking  and is endorsed by The Celiac Scene.

The owner of this fast-growing bakery, Dale Norton, has a direct connection to Serious Coffee as she used to work at both Serious Coffee Bakery and head office.  We are very excited to see Dale's passion and talents being enjoyed by others and are thrilled to be able to showcase her delicious treats.

Keep refrigerated.  If storing for a longer period of time, tart can be frozen then thawed in the refrigerator.

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Serving Size:   86g
Calories:   360
Fat:   21g
Fat %:   32%
Saturated:   7g
Saturated %:   37%
Trans:   0g
Cholesterol:   50mg
Cholesterol %:   17%
Sodium:   105mg
Sodium %:   4%
Carbohydrate:   44g
Carbohydrate %:   15%
Fibre:   1g
Fibre %:   4%
Sugars:   22g
Protein:   3g
Vitamin A:   10%
Vitamin C:   0%
Calcium:   0%
Iron:   4%
Folic Acid:   0%