Aside from chewing on coffee beans, drinking espresso can be viewed as the purest form of the coffee experience. A perfectly prepared dose of our signature Espresso will be sure to satisfy your craving for a dark, rich and complex flavour experience. Freshness is the foundation of a great espresso and ours is roasted fresh, delivered fresh, ground fresh, and prepared fresh, just for you.

Using our unique fluid bed roasting process, our beans roast while floating on a bed of hot air not ever coming into contact with any flames. This removes the typical smoky and burnt flavours often associated with espresso allowing you to enjoy a silky smooth yet strong taste that you expect.

As we have yet to employ an army of roasting robots, we can guarantee that each micro-batch of our Espresso is  roasted to perfection and hand blended by our Master Roaster.

Did you know that espresso has less caffeine than a light roast such as our Island Sunrise Organic?  It's true.

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Nutritional information varies depending on the type of milk, sweetener or flavoured syrups selected.

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